section background

Our policy

Our objectives
and duties

As “AZERİ MİNİNG GROUP” LLC, our goals is characterized both locally and internationally.

We are aiming at contributing to the mining industry in Azerbaijan with the quality and innovation of our work, as well as bringing novelty in the mining technology to our country that meet the international standards

Our main principles comprise to keep our activity in accordance with the innovation and modern development of science-technology. For that purpose, both the techniques and equipment in the best quality and specialists of technique park who are the professional in their spheres are involved into our operation

Our new goals of building infrastructure and discovering and exploiting new fields in our liberated lands are yielding results

Beyond our activity within the country, we are aiming to be a mining company representing Azerbaijan in CIS region and in the world market by enlarging this sphere


Occupational safety
and ecology


“AZERI MINING GROUP” LLC pursues a policy in the field of labor safety and environmental protection by implementing the following principles in the workplace:

Unconditional compliance with all requirements set by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on labor protection and safety, ecology, State Laws and Regulations on the implementation of processes and International Standards ISO14001: 2015, ISO45001: 2018;

Achieving the application of the latest achievements of modern techniques and technologies using all methods that have a positive impact on the development of occupational safety and environmental management systems;

Achieve minimization of all harmful factors affecting human safety, health, environment, equipment and quality, risk and capacity management and the creation of a safe working environment;

To ensure the continuous development of management systems, continuous education of staff, maximum use of all means and opportunities to improve their professionalism, as well as consultation with employees and ensuring their participation;

To create and further develop safe and healthy workplaces for our employees, who are the most valuable assets of our company;